The Central Repository

What is a Central Repository?

It is basically a Kinto collection of all the details of users. It stores data such as user_id, the urls of server,etc as a record. Each record corresponds to a separate user. When the service has to discover a server for a user, the service looks up this central repository, searches for the user_id of user and obtains the data about the url needed. The storage can then be accessed using the url obtained.


Progress so far…

We have created the user interface for a user to connect to their Kinto. For this, when the user clicks on ‘Connect to Kinto’ the user has to authenticate with a Firefox account. Once the user enters the credentials, an authentication token is generated and a user_id in the UUID format is generated. These details are crutial for identifying a user uniquely.

These details are stored in the central repository. A default storage space, i.e. is given to the new user. If the user is not a new user, then a list of the storage (url s) will be displayed. These urls need to be fetched from the central repository. The user will  then be able to add more urls. These added urls update the user record in the central repository.

Currently, I am working on refining the way the central repository is populated, by checking if the user already exists. If it exists, it will automatically redirect to the page where the urls of the user are displayed.





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